The old group has started its activities in the field of software, hardware and computer networks since 2008 as a computer group with the participation of a team of experienced and experienced experts and has since been trying to make better use of information technology, To optimize and optimize various systems. The company's enormous capabilities include young, talented and experienced staff who have professionally and professionally conducted the analysis and implementation of the systems. The goals of the company are as follows, and the next steps will be in the following direction:
- Use of professional and professional expertise in providing products and services tailored to the needs of customers
- Establish a close relationship with the customer and provide products and services tailored to the needs of customers
- Provide timely legal obligations and ultimately good reputation among colleagues and customers.
- Providing new ways for managers to mechanize organizational issues and consultancy in the field of information technology > The company is currently reviewing its business processes in order to improve the level of management and quality of business, and is ready to provide advice and services in this regard. The services include undergraduates and consultants in the field of preparation of suitable software and hardware platforms for accelerating the internal business of applicants and optimizing communication and maintaining customer information in the applicant companies.

Success line


The work started in the form of a team of 5 people in Tabriz. The high-level model is among the company's nostalgia, which at the time saw on the program of taxi calling and other products. Also, most of the city taxis in Urmia and Ardebil Rally with this logo


The establishment of the second collection, called Farayand Gostar Ancient, has two independent parts of hardware and software. It is in partnership with the medical and medical corporations and sports federations.


Various activities in the field of website design Graphic design of security systems and CCTV systems and rushes of a new set

1396 سال شکوفایی

After proving a collection of software and activities in the Medical Sciences and Hemophilia Center at the national level, the company prepared its own for surfing in the field of office automation (a tradition that was previously custom-made for 10 sets) and experienced The 9-year-old in this field and ERP, with the use of the most up-to-date technologies, has produced a high logo for this program.


Success in major national projects in the areas of automation, production, warehousing and accounting

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